Baptism. That sure is a fun word to say. Say it about 10 times really quickly and it becomes a lot less fun to say. The letters get all jumbled up and the meaning is lost very quickly. It’s kind of an analogy for life. Many things seem to get all jumbled up and confused. Baptism isn’t exempt from this.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, at ChristWay we LOVE baptism. I mean, we pull out all the stops. We’ve got tailgating, corn hole, and even America’s favorite unidentifiable substance – hotdogs. But if we ONLY focus on our love of hotdogs, tailgates, and corn hole games, we completely miss the whole reason we are celebrating.

Here at ChristWay, we baptize people whose lives have been changed by none other than Jesus Christ Himself. As we listen to their stories while they enter the water, we learn how the Father has redeemed them. As we reflect on the love they have experienced while they are placed in the water, we see that, like Christ in his death, they have died to the sin that once entangled them. As we cheer and rave while they rise from the water, we praise the Father for raising them from the dead, for providing Jesus Christ as a way for this new life to be experienced. We love baptism because we love to see God move in His beloved people.

Let’s get ready for baptism Sunday as it approaches. Prepare your hearts to be softened and encouraged by the evidence of the Lord working all around you. Reflect on the times that you have experienced God’s love and remember your excitement when you first answered the Father’s call. We love you and cannot wait to celebrate!